Hoping for heapings of gooseberries

While walking around Bunnings this weekend, I came across a plant I’d never seen before. It’s called a Cape Goosebery or a ground cherry. From what I read it grows well in Sydney. So I’m going to give it a try in the new backyard that is sunny and bright and not shaded by huge gum trees.

This is what my gooseberry bush looks like after I brought it home and planted it into a larger pot.


I layered potting mix on top of compost. Hopefully that will give it a boost of nutrients to get established and produce an abundance of fruit. The plant is called a cape gooseberry as each orange coloured ‘berry’ is covered with a papery lantern like sheath.  It reminds me of a weed we used to have growing around the house when I was a child. I loved peeling the papery lanterns to pick the seeds within. There was no berry  as such in my childhood version.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this plant survives and that have something to show you later in the season.  I would love to hear from you if you have any experience with this plant.
PS.  I have neglected this blog for more than a year but I am determined to be more active from now on!


Author: saunthi

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