Snapshots – Como, Italy

Sunset on Lake Como in Italy. It’s a beautiful spot and I was lucky enough to go there two years ago. I understand why the rich and famous flock there. The crystal clear lake ringed by hills studded with beautiful houses,  is one reason. The magnificently landscaped gardens by the lake is another.
Como was also the quietest, most peaceful and cleanest of all the Italian cities and towns I visited on that trip. It left an impression.
I think it also helped that we traveled to Lake Como in mid May. The weather was just right – neither too hot nor too cold , there was still snow on the mountains around the lake, making it delightfully picturesque and the crowds had not descended for their summer holidays.

The fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to get around Lake Como was by ferry and I love being on the water. 
Lake Como is definitely a place to visit if you enjoy visiting beautiful old homes and gardens, stylish quaint towns, boat and ferry rides and want to feel as though you are in a Nespresso ad.  

Author: saunthi

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