Tricolour paper wreath tutorial

Need a quick decoration idea for an upcoming celebration? Then you might want to consider this paper wreath that you can print and fold yourself.

You will need
12 sheets of paper,
the PDF download from below
a colour
a gluestick

some Blu-Tack or double sided tape.

Each folded knot is 3 5/8 inch in width and it makes a 13 inch paper wreath.

I got the idea for the basic folded knot shape from a mathematics book of all things. It was talking about model building and the shapes you can make with paper. This one shape had so many possibilities. And it uses the same techniques you would use in tying a knot.


Download the Tri-Colour paper wreath file below and print 10 copies of the pattern pages and cut out the shapes.
Glue the pieces together. The angled end of the piece marked Tab 2, should be glued on top of Tab 1. Match up the dotted lines to glue it accurately.
Similarly the angled side of the piece with Tab 3 should be glued on top of Tab 2. The angled side of the piece with no tab needs to be glued on top of Tab 3.
You should get a long paper strip with three joins

Folding the strip into the final shape for the paper wreath is similar to tying a knot. Start by making a fold at the second join on the strip using the dotted line as a guide. (The Arrow in the figure below points to the second join.)


Your strip of folded paper should look like the inverted letter V.


Now bring the next join to fold over one of the arms on the V and fold so that it looks like the figure below. Make sure you get the V shape by matching the dotted line to the corners and edge of the strip below.


You should now have a loop with a short arm and a long arm. Make sure the long arm sits on top of the short arm.
Now take the end of the long arm and fold it under the short arm. Pull the strip through the loop made by the crossing over of the short arm and long arm. Make sure you get a nice tight folded knot.

Fold over the remaining arms and tuck the end pieces into the slot made by the folded sides.


Your first folded knot  for the paper wreath is now ready.

Repeat until you have 10 folded knots. Place out your ten folded knots and make sure they are aligned the same ie. All the shapes have the red triangle on the left and the white triangle on the right. You can do the reverse as well. Just make sure all your folded knots are facing the right way.

Place a small piece of Blu-Tack on the reverse of your folded knot and stick it onto the place you want to decorate, eg window, door or wall.Then arrange the second knot by placing it next to the first folded knot and match the adjacent blue corners together.

Continue doing so for the remaining knots and you will end up closing the circle and your paper wreath is complete.

I also have other sizes and colours for the folded knots in my shop. If you are into colouring, check out my range of colouring and folded knots that will be available soon.

And to all my American friends – have a great 4th of July holiday!

Tricolour Wreath Pattern Download

Author: saunthi

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