About me

In addition to being a jewelry designer,  I’m also a writer and a website developer. Sometime ago I decided to produce a blog that inspires people to try out new things – be it food, travel or new experiences. So I will be sharing with you my recipes, travel stories,  DIY projects and the occasional stories about life in general. I’ll also share stories I find about amazing things being done by clever people.

There may be a lot of you who are looking for inspiration about how to spend your time and I hope you find it on my blog. If my experiences help and inspire you,  I think I’ll have achieved my goal. So follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for what comes next.

My jewelry is still available on  Etsy : http://www.topazturtle.etsy.com

If you would like to contact me, use the form or email me at saunthra[at]topazturtle[dot]com

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