Black and white effect on photographs

So you’ve seen those gorgeously styled black and white shots in those glossy mags and wondered how they get the effect where just the item is coloured and everything else is set in black and white? The instructions below will guide you through how to apply this effect to your photographs using Photoshop.

         Before                              After
First make a copy of the photograph you wish to use.  That way, you will always have the original if you don’t like the changes you made.
Open the copy in Photoshop.
Increase the zoom on the item that you want to remain in colour.

Fig 1
Select the lasso tool ( shown in Fig 1) in the tool bar on the left and trace out the outline of the item you want to remain in colour. 


Trace the item all the way around until you come back to your starting point. Dotted lines will edge your selection.

Then inverse the selection to include all the area outside your traced item. Go to Select Inverse

This will select the area outside your traced item and you will see dotted lines around the outside edge of the photograph.

To make this selected area black and white, go to Layer , New, Adjustment Layer.


Select Hue/Saturation in the Type field in the New Adjustment box that appears.

 In the Hue/Saturation box that appears, move the slider for Saturation to -100 and hit OK.

And your new photographic effect is now done.

More before and after examples

Author: saunthi

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