The power of video marketing

There are a lot of articles about the benefits of including video in your marketing efforts and I don’t know about you but video marketing sure works on me.
I’ll admit to being a person who is interested in art and craft – jewellery and beads in particular. As you can see from my profile, I work with resin and polymer clay primarily. What you may not know is that I really don’t like sewing. Blame it on having to unpick too many of my sewing projects. I have never made anything where I haven’t unpicked some or all the seams.
I came across an instructional video about beading on fabric recently. Love beads, not so sure about fabric as it’s associated with sewing but I brought it home anyway and watched it. 
It was a life changing experience craftwise. The presenter, Mary Stori, was amazing. She made everything look so easy. She showed the materials she used – naming specific threads and  bead sizes that she used in her projects, marking pens, the felt and embroidery hoop set up she used to carry her beads and stop them from rolling around (hallelujah!) and the fabric.
Then she started sewing. She demonstrated how to hold the project so that your hands don’t block your line of sight and so that you can always see what you are doing. She showed basic stitches and more advanced ones but always in small units. It was very easy to see how these could be combined to build a fabulous piece of clothing or jewellery.
She inspired me enough to try out a bracelet using beads and pieces of fabric I had lying around the house.
The end result wasn’t too bad if I say so myself. Not in her class but it’s my first attempt!
My first attempt at beading on fabric.
I guess it just goes to prove that a video is worth a thousand words. I have books that describe the same methods but I always thought it was too complicated. However, the video turned it into an exceptional learning experience. It made it look easy and extremely doable.
Just think, if this video had been released by a sewing and beading supplies retailer such as Lincraft or Spotlight, they probably would have a huge number of converts and a corresponding increase in sales. With services such as YouTube, they don’t even have to invest in expensive distribution partnerships.

Author: saunthi

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