Snapshot – Windfall

I go for a walk in the mornings. Leftover habit from our last dog in Sydney who trained us to walk first thing in the morning and in the evenings as soon as we get home from work. I forgo the evening walk to avoid heat exhaustion but it’s still nice in the mornings.
As a result I discovered these two beauties that had been put out with the rubbish. They are really beautiful chairs and the wooden frame is in tip top condition. I also have a plan or 2 for replacing the damaged seat. I can’t believe my luck in scoring them.
I had visions of doing them up in a French provincial style, all in whites and cream. Those plans went out the window as soon as I started cleaning the first chair and gave it a good sanding.
I can’t say anymore cause I will reveal too much. You will just have to wait for the complete project write up.

Author: saunthi

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